Our Family History

Sprague's Maple Farms birth and growth into one of the World's finest purveyors of Pure and Natural Maple Syrup Products from the picturesque Allegany Mountain Region.

Randy & Toni

Sprague's Maple Farms is well known in our area for its authentic maple products. What people may not know is how the farm was started and what goes into the process.

Randy Sprague began sugarin' forty years ago on a small scale, as a hobby.

"I used to visit the Deschler Farm when I was a kid," says Randy, " and I would watch Van Deschler making and finishing maple syrup. I just fell in love with it." In the beginning, Randy would just make enough syrup for the family's use or to give a little away. A couple of years later, he decided to expand into a commercial operation, which meant a major shift with larger equipment.

We had to increase the number of taps we were putting out, "he continues, "from a few hundred to around 25,000. We purchased several pieces of property, and also rented taps from other owners." 

"The sugarin' season is short and intense, from mid February to the end of March. Maple sap is a diluted liquid, with only 2% sugar content. You have to boil away 40-45 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. 

Sprague's Maple Farms makes a variety of maple products, including syrup, maple cream, maple sugar, jelly, and granulated maple sugar. All of their products are packaged in very decorative containers, some in glass, which has been imported from Italy. There is something for everyone-all sizes, prices and quantities. Sprague's ships large orders across the country and into Europe as well, and they sell a lot of syrup to specialty shops across the country.

You can come right into their retail storefront at 1048 Portville Obi Rd in Portville, NY and buy whatever you like for yourself or for your friends. Now, Sprague's Maple Farms brings you their 100% Pure and Natural Maple Products from their farm and directly into your home via the Internet or by calling their toll free at 800-446-2753. Nothing compares to pure maple syrup. If you've tasted artificial, you know it's not even close. That's because artificial brands are made from a corn syrup derivation with little or no pure maple syrup. Why settle for less than best?

It has been an extremely busy year at the Area's Largest Pancake House and Restaurant. We want to thank each and everyone who has taken time to visit Sprague's Maple Farms and who sat down to enjoy our hearty down-home country meals, featuring Breakfasts being served with our Pure 100% Maple Syrup products. As our operation has evolved we are continually adding to our menu from from our generous Breakfasts to delicious Lunches and Dinners, with our Fabulous Fish Fries, Desserts and Coffee Treats for you anytime. 

This bright facility has been and continues to be an area attraction that allows people to see the maple operation from start to finish-how they handle the sap and the processing. The addition of our rustic sugarhouse and Indian village have been a great enhancement for educational tours. There is a lot of history in sugaring, which has been passed down through generations. Now you'll be able to see the tradition of the industry, with a real hands-on feel. Marked trails and bird feeders will make Sprague's a pleasure to visit, and you'll also be learning something about the ecology of the forest.

Our Web Site offers retail customers and wholesalers convenient online shopping for Sprague's Maple products. We value our relationships with our wholesale clients. Their special pricing has been protected and we do required initial contact to establish an account on http://SpraguesMapleFarms.com by calling our main office toll free 800-446-2753 to activate your wholesale account. Our in office hours are M-F 8am to 5pm EST.

Make plans to shop at Sprague's Maple Farms for delicious pure 100% maple products. Their gourmet gifts are a vast array of attractively packaged products to send your favorite people such as the popular Green Mountain Maple Morning, The Ultimate Pancake Sampler, The Upstate Collection, Maple Sugar Gift Boxes and much more. All of this and more is available online or visit our store for even more unique and American made gifts.

In addition, Sprague's Turkey Farms has been raising free range premium turkeys for over 60 years and use the finest feed and tender loving care to produce an uncommonly good, succulent and moist turkey with a down home flavor.

You can enjoy our premium turkey at the restaurant in several popular menu items such as the Hot Turkey Sandwich, Turkey and Biscuits, and our Roast Turkey Dinner (just like Thanksgiving on any day of the year)!

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 Breakfast all Day, Full Lunch, and Dinner Menu Selections featuring our Free Range Premium Turkey Dinner, Saturday Prime Rib, and the area’s Best Friday Fish Fry. 

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